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Did you know that the WordPress plugin has the possibility to assign the FlexyTalk chat widget to a widget position? This way you can, if your theme allows it, decide on which page(s) the FlexyTalk chat widget should be displayed.
If your theme does not have this possibility by default, you might want to search the WordPress Plugin Directory for a plugin that makes it possible to assign widget positions to certain pages.

In the FlexyTalk menu > Account Settings:

If you choose the default installation option Activate FlexyTalk Live Chat on all the website pages, it will be displayed on all pages, obviously.

wp301 2

Choosing the option Don’t activate the plugin. I’ll use FlexyTalk widget instead, you’ll be allowed to assign the FlexyTalk chat widget to a widget position like you do with any other widget.

wp301 3

Next click the Update Options button.

Add the FlexyTalk widget to a widget position.

wp301 4

wp301 5

Go to the WP menu where your widget positions can be managed. In this example it is Widget Options under the theme name. It can also be Widget Areas under Appearance or something else, depending on the theme you have.

Determine on which page(s) the widget position with the FlexyTalk widget should be displayed and save your settings.

wp301 10

The frontend will now show the FlexyTalk chat widget only on the pages where you have assigned the widget.

wp301 8  wp301 9

If you would like to display the chat widget on another page in another position, simply repeat the procedure: add the widget to another position, and determine for this position separately on which page(s) it should be displayed.

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