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If you have 2 websites or 2 subdirectories of the same URL, you can offer chat support to the visitors of both websites with one single login in your IM client.

All you need is 2 FlexyTalk accounts, each account set up for a different URL.

Make sure you have used the Universal method to install the FlexyTalk chat widget in your website, and do these settings:

Users of CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, please read the notes at the bottom of this page.

  1. general settings URL settingIn the Control Panel, menu Account Settings > General settings, you specify the URL for each account.
    For example account #1, e.g. ft131xx7 is linked to and account #2, e.g. ft131xx9 is linked to

  3. Remember the ft-number of the first account (the one that you will use to go online, to login to your IM client).
    In the Control Panel of the other account go to menu Agents, click the agent name, so you will see the Agents Settings screen.
    There you select Use another FlexyIM account and enter the ft-number of the first account.
    Click the blue button Save Changes at the top of the page.

    use another FlexyIM account


  5. In the Control Panel, menu Chat Box > Translation / Localization of account #1, you keep or type texts that suit the associated website, FlexyTalk in this example; in the Control Panel of account #2 you keep or type texts that suit account #2, Cloudnium in this example.
    This way the visitors of the first website will see messages that suit the website (for example “can I help you choosing the right Plan?”) and the visitors of the second URL will see appropriate messages too (for example “can I help you choosing the right Service?”), in the pre-chat form and chat box.


The result is that you only need to login to your IM Client with the first account, to be online with both accounts at the same time. This way you can chat with your website visitors on both websites.

This is a great FlexyTalk feature, based on our choice for Jabber. It’s also very suitable for multilanguage websites where you would like to invite your visitors in English on one website and in Spanish on the other website for example.


Users of the FlexyTalk WordPress plugin, please note:
Since there is one FlexyTalk plugin installed in your website, with one FlexyTalk account attached to it which is automatically logged in to the Control Panel, this method will not work ‘just like that’. Depending on the structure of your website and the plugins, you’ll have to add the chat widget manually to both sites. For example in their footers, like what is usually done with Google Analytics tracking code etc. Please read Universal method to install the FlexyTalk widget in your website.


For users of other CSMs such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop:
A comparable note applies: With the default installation method as described in our Knowledge base (and in the case of Joomla, as used in the Setup Wizard) you can only apply one FlexyTalk ID per website. If you would like to use 2 different FlexyTalk accounts in one website (with 2 language/product/brand subdirectories), you will need to use the Universal method for implementation of FlexyTalk in your website and adjust some HTML to arrange that the correct account is used in each of the sites/subdirectories.

You might also be interested in Trigger Rules: Trigger Rules are powerful tools that allow you to offer help on certain pages displaying custom messages. It’s a mechanism that triggers the live chat box on a specific match in the current URL with a custom message, meaning you can invite your visitors with others texts on specific pages than on the rest of the pages.

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