Transferring a chat from one agent to another

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As an agent, you can transfer a chat session to a particular agent, or you may transfer it to any other available agent. And you can always attach a message to the other agent. The agent receiving the transfer, will see this message and the whole chat conversation that the first agent had with the visitor.

Here are the various commands you can use for transferring a chat from one agent to another:

  • The command !transfer will transfer the chat to the next available agent.
  • The command !transfer Nick will transfer the chat to Nick, if Nick is online and has at least one free channel, if not FleyTalk replies to the first agent that Nick is not available. In this case Nick is the transfer code for the agent (which is setup in agents settings).
  • The command !transfer Nick Hi, please help this lady setting up her account will transfer the chat to Nick with the message about the lady that Nick will receive.
  • It is also possible to transfer to the next available agent, with a message attached. The command then would be !transfer next Hi, please help this man setting up his account.

In the FlexyIM Web Client you can either use these commands or use the Actions menu to transfer the chat to another agent. In the web client the Transfer menu opens a new window where you’ll see all available agents and you can attach an optional message.


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