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Q: I didn’t receive my activation email?!
A: After signing up for an account in the My blanco page Billmanager System you’ll receive an activation email to confirm your subscription. If you don’t see this activation email please check your spam folder, and make sure that you have entered the correct email address without typos, because the activation email is sent to the exact email address that you entered. If you still cannot find it after that, please send an email to [email protected] or start a live chat with our Customer Care Team. Provide the login name and the email address that you used to subscribe.

Q: What does Branding mean – Full or Reference?
A: Full-Branding means that there are clearly FlexyTalk logos visible in the Chat-Bar, Chat-Box, etc, and that we make visitors aware that they are served by the Free Plan version of FlexyTalk. You also can not use your own logos for eye-catchers and such.
Reference-Branding means that there is only a small Brandname without Logo visible in the Chat-Box, which shows a mouse-over message with the current version number of the FlexyTalk Live-Chat System. You can fully customize the Chat-Bar and such, and add your logo for the Eye-Catcher.

Q: Why should I pay for the Solo plan, when you have a Free plan also?
A: It’s up to you of course to spend (a little) money on something you like or not. We intended the Free plan for people that don’t use their website commercially, and the Solo plan for the people that have commercial websites, but are just a small (one man) enterprise. Visit the Compare page to see the differences between the Free and paid plans.

Q: Is the Free plan really free?
A: Yes! You don’t have to pay anything for our Free plan, and can use it for as long as you want, including a free live chat service account (flexytalk.im) and FlexyIM web based chat client. We even offer you unlimited live chat sessions in our Free plan! However, we do show our branding, sponsoring and incentives in return for the professional Live-Chat service you receive for free.

Q: But the Free Plan is showing a sponsor message!?
A: That’s correct. Just as anyone else, we also need to pay our bills by earning some money, to keep us offering you the Live-Chat service. But we only show these messages on the first pageview of your visitor, and the Live-Chat function is all fully functional when these messages are shown. And more important, you can get rid of these messages for just a few bucks a month! (Annual Solo Plan)

Q: I have SSL on my website, does it also work on FlexyTalk?
A: Yes, it does. If the user’s website is https (secure website) all downloaded content from FlexyTalk is also https. You do not need to do anything to enable SSL, it works automatically.

Q: Are the chats SSL protected as well?
A: Yes, they are. This means that the data exchanged in a live chat are encrypted and are safely transferred.

Q: What about the FlexyTalk backend and SSL?
A: The FlexyTalk backend is also SSL protected

Q: Which payment methods can be used?
A: Currently you can pay with Debit card, Credit card, PayPal, Skrill, Sofort, iDeal, GiroPay and wire transfer. More info can be found here: Payment methods.

Q: What does Localization mean?
A: FlexyTalk allows you to customize all the texts displayed in the chat widget to a certain language. When you sign up, everything is pre-filled with default texts. There is a page in the FlexyTalk admin panel where you can change all these default texts to another language. In the Knowledge Base there is the HowTo page about localization with some examples.

Q: Which details will my agents see about the visitor?
A: The visitor’s name and e-mail address, the URL where the visitor requested the live chat, and geographical information such as city and country, and a link to Google Maps to that city and country. These data may not always be available. It depends if the user entered his name and e-mail in the pre-chat form, and if the Geo-Localization could resolve the visitor’s location. Also the agent will see the message typed by the visitor, the name of the Trigger Rule originating the live chat request (if any) and a link to the Chat history (if any).

Q: In which ways can I customize the widget settings for size, position and dimensions?
A: Dimensions that can be adjusted are height, width and magnification. This means that you can make the widget scale in size, but everything inside scales equally as well, for example the font size. The combination possibilities of these settings make the widget very elastic as you can make an almost full screen with a small font size, or a small screen with large font size. Alternatively you could make the chat box very small with tiny fonts. This is a unique feature!
Also you can change the position where the chat box will be displayed in the web page: horizontally on the left, in the center or on the right, vertically at the top, in the center or at the bottom of the page.
More info and more settings in the HowTo Chat box settings.

Q: After upgrading my Android phone to Hangouts, my FlexyTalk does not work anymore. How do I solve this?
A: Until February 2015 you could solve this by downgrading back to Google Talk. However, Google has stopped Gtalk, so you cannot use this anymore. Please check the list of supported IM Clients for an alternative.

Q: I accepted the live chat invite, but the FlexyTalk button is still showing my account as not activated. How come?
A: FlexyTalk is no longer compatible with Google if you use the Google Hangouts app. Google did ‘close up’ their chat service with their new Hangouts, they suddenly decided to drop the open XMPP network support to third parties for all people that upgrade to Google Hangouts. So now it can now only be used among people who have a Google account, comparable to the Facebook chat, where you can only chat with other Facebook users. The result is that FlexyTalk does not work with Google Hangouts. Also see the answer above. As a great and free alternative for all accounts (free and paid), you get your own secure FlexyIM XMPP/Jabber account now with every FlexyTalk agent.

Q: Where do I find the html codes that I can copy-paste in my website?
A: Go to the installation wizard in the FlexyTalk Control Panel and read Universal method to install the FlexyTalk widget in a website.
In the Control Panel you can configure your FlexyTalk chat button and window, and get the HTML code for your website.

Q: Can I use the Message app on my iMac or Macbook?
A: Yes, you can use Apple Message. But don’t use your AppleID. Use your FlexyTalk credentials instead. In the Apple application go to Messages > Preferences and add the new account (the + sign on the bottom) and choose Jabber (XMPP) here. There you fill in your flexytalk.im account and you’re ready to go.

Q: Does FlexyTalk support video chat?
A: No, it does not.

Q: I need live chat software that works in a WordPress multi-language Theme. Is this possible with FlexyTalk?
A: It can run on a multi-language theme, but that doesn’t mean that the widget content will get translated. The widget will be displayed in a single language.

Q: The live chat software I will choose must work with iPhone, Android and PC. Is this possible with FlexyTalk?
A: It works on any device.
Our live chat connects to any open/unified XMPP IM account, so the agents can also chat from their IM accounts from any device.

Q: What does “IM Channels per agent” mean?
A: It is the number of simultaneous chats per agent.

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  • Marcus



    I received the BillManager email and I activated the login, but did not receive the control panel details so cannot get the plugin to work.

    Please let me know if you can resolve this.


  • paige zannetti


    I’m trying to login to Flexychat on my phone and am getting a “502 Bad Gateway” message. Does this service not work on android phones?


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