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This Howto explains how to activate your FlexyTalk Live Chat WordPress plugin.

Download link: FlexyTalk Live Chat WordPress plugin

1. Install & Sign up (click to expand)

First install the FlexyTalk WordPress plugin in the backend of your WordPress website in the way you usually install WP plugins. A FlexyTalk menu item will be created in your WordPress backend upon activation of the plugin.

Click the FlexyTalk Chat menu, sub menu Account Settings
Click the blue button Create a FlexyTalk Account.

You will arrive at the Pricing Page of our website.

Click to enlarge

(Click to enlarge the image)

Make your choice: Free Plan, Solo Plan (free 14 day Trial first if you like) or Team Plan (free 14 day Trial first if you like), and choose Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Payment. Click the blue Get it Now button, after which you'll be redirected to, where you can create an account:


Enter your data in the fields. You can choose your own password or generate one by clicking the dice button.

Choose your package
You will arrive in your my.blancopage Billmanager account, where you can select the desired package.


Note that only 1 Free Trial is allowed per account. Ordering a Free Plan still entitles you to order one Free Trial for the Premium accounts.

Enter the website where you will be using FlexyTalk LiveChat and choose your CMS.


Read and agree with the Service Agreement and click Next.

Select your renewal setting and click Finish.

Account is setup!
Your account has been made and you are logged in to your my.blancopage Billmanager account, where you see the FlexyTalk package you have chosen.

You will receive 2 e-mails, one about the login you just made for this Billmanager, and one that contains the login and password for your FlexyTalk control panel.

Paste your username (ft13xxxx) and password in the fields in the Account Settings of your WordPress plugin. Click the blue button Update Options.

wp3-1 00

In this example we will display the chat widget site-wide, on all the pages. If you would like to display the chat widget only on certain pages, you can use the option "Don't activate the plugin, I'll use FlexyTalk widget instead". Detailed instructions for the setting of this option can be found in the HowTo WordPress: using the FlexyTalk widget in widget positions.

2. Connect & Chat (click to expand)

Get Online Now
Click Get Online now! in the menu
wp3-1 02

Click the blue button Get Online Now and you will be online for the chat.

wp3-1 03

After that the FlexyIM web client will open in a new browser tab:


When you navigate to your WordPress website now the frontend will show the chat bar in Online mode. If you already had the website open in another browser tab, please refresh or Shift+refresh the page.

frontend online detail

Congratulations, you are ready to chat!
When you are online with your IM/Chat client app, you are online on your website.

Note: You can use any supported IM client of your choice. You need to be online with one of them, in order for the FlexyTalk chat to be online. So you can stay online in our FlexyIM web client like you are now, or choose an other IM client (web, pc, mobile) to be online and available for chat.

FlexyIM Web works with modern web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10, but also on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry 10, Android and other modern mobile devices.

Desktop Notifications

Chrome, Safari and Maxthon (WebKit) browsers are known to support the HTML5 Desktop Notification option. Other browsers might also have implemented the HTML5 Desktop Notifications standard, or might have browser extensions/modules available. This option can only be enabled with users permission. Click the button to grant your browser permission to send you Desktop Notifications. You only have to do this once per URL. When your Notifications are already enabled, you will receive a 'Notification Enabled' message when clicking the button, to test the functionality.

Test Chat
If you like you can do a test chat. See an example of a (test) chat conversation and view the commands you can use in a chat.

Use of the widget
You might want to read the articles in our Knowledge Base about the use of the chat widget:

Adjusting and Customization
Or you might like to adjust your settings, customize your chat widget or do some localization. For more information about additional settings and customization check the articles in our Knowledge Base.

You'll be able to do so at any time you wish, by going back to the Settings in the FlexyTalk Control Panel* of your WordPress plugin. The Control Panel is under the FlexyTalk menu item, click sub menu FlexyTalk chat.


* Alternatively you can navigate to the Control Panel outside of your WordPress backend via our website: menu Login > Login to FlexyTalk panel.

And why not add the chat widget to your Facebook page as well! How to do this is described in Facebook Live Chat integration.



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